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There is a constant mental or physical stress on sportsmen who try to perform as good as possible during both practices and competitions. VITALMOBIL ensures the best physical performance during sport activities.

'Performance enhancing' and 'muscle relaxation' programs help them, in addition they can also benefit from 'stress relieving' and 'relaxing' functions. The different programs of the device are perfect for both extreme sports and mountain hiking.
Excellent cell communication enhances physical and mental performance. With the use of the device, you can feel yourself more energetic, and the risk of sport injuries may also decrease.


- Muscle relaxation: to ease muscle stiffness
- Muscle spasm: to relax stiffened muscle fibers
- Muscle regeneration: to promote blood flow of muscle cells
- Before sport activity: to refreshen muscles, enhance concentration and vitality
- During sport activity: to support physical and mental performance, and increase the load capacity of muscles
- After sport activity: to promote relaxation and regeneration of tired muscles
- Vitalization: to increase the cells' energy level